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December 26, 2013
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APH Elementary Contest Entry- Sicily by Symphano APH Elementary Contest Entry- Sicily by Symphano
Edit: Brightened the lips. Pfft, you're 16. Don't want no dark whore makeup.

So I needed to get this done. I have gone through a lot of shit to get my entry for lupang-hinirang's contest correct, and that I truely apologize for. I'm sorry for the shit, Melzy. ^^; I am just easily thrown off. This is my final attempt at this entry, and I'll probably finish shading this in later. Plus, I felt like I needed to re-do this, because I felt it's kind of suish to get along with everyone in her class. 

Name: Rosalia Fazello
Nicknames: Prefers to go my 'Lia' more than anything. You can also call her the 'Master Chef' or 'That One Loud Girl Who Takes Her Drama Right off the Stage' right before being completely bitched out or 'Olive Oil'
Age: For the AU, 17-18
Subject: Reception and Theater

Rosalia is a tan woman with dark brown hair that is extremely curly. She has two sections in the front of her hair that are always sitting on her shoulders and draping dramatically. She has a relatively big nose and full lips, and full browns that are normally hidden by her sideswept bangs. Her eyes are green (Feel free to make 'em brown, if you want. Still debating eye color) and she is about 5'2 in height. Like a lot of teens her age, she has taken an interest in makeup and normally has matte colored lips, normally in a coral shade.
With someone as modest as she, she definitely would have gone for the longer skirt, but she has short legs and the normal skirt was about as long as one of her casual dresses anyway. She wears her reception uniform with black shoes, and has no adjustments to the uniform whatsoever.

Rosalia is welcoming and warm to the newer students, and is often seen chatting. Sicilians are known for their outgoing chatty loudness and welcoming, and Rosalia is NO exception. She will not leave a new student to sit by themselves in the cafeteria. Her motto is, "Enter as strangers, leave as friends." When someone mentions an event or secret, she has to know every little detail about it. It is unknown whether or not she gossips, but she'd be a great source for it. She can be a little nosy and has a bit of a temper, but really she just doesn't like being outspoken by her peers. 

Being in theater, she is a natural born performer and takes her drama off the stage. Normally, she's nice and welcoming, but she's pretty tempered. Lia is pretty hard headed and will ponder a problem to the point where she would have had a solution a long time ago, and she is very load when she is complaining. She would never complain about the school to a new student, but she says a lot of things about the school in her head. She isn't one to start rumors, but she is a great source for gossip, as she finds out a lot about people via Reception. This chatterbox takes normally a long time while delivering messages because she gets distracted by talking to the people she delivers to, and in general is just a very passionate, welcoming chatterbox with a temper. 

Strengths: She is very welcoming, which is always a positive thing. Lia is often talking to new students and she has a handful of friends.  

Weaknesses: She's very tempered and if you're a close friend, boo-hoo, you're the one who gets to hear her complain. She tries to maintain a warm spirit inside, but sometimes you just have to vent. And when she vents, she makes the air vents look like they're broken. It's best if you be happy around her, or you're just gonna contribute to her venting.

Likes: She likes food, especially fish pasta dishes. She also loves olives, and never goes far without eating one, her friends sometimes call her 'Olive Oil'. She likes meeting new students, chatting, and performing on stage.

Dislikes: Being called 'Italian', being called a 'Bad Actor', when in some ways is kind of true and she hates bees as well.

Talents: Her main talents are chatting and cooking. She is very persuasive and can talk people into doing a lot of crazy things. She has a way with words and she is a somewhat decent actor.

Flaws: Ever seen her carry something heavy? Or how about organize a dance? Getting to class on time? Ha! You cannot depend on this girl to do anything organized, lift anything heavy, or making to anything on time. These have actually caused some tension between her and the other dwellers. She really doesn't mean it though.

Alfred: Their personalities mold beautifully. They are the classroom chatterboxes and can hold conversation for days if they needed to. She shares her lack of organization and is a tardy-pants as well, and they normally laugh everything off. It sometimes annoys the both of them about how much they have in common, and the tension is easily broken by something stupid to happen next.

Matthew: It bugs her, his shyness. She keeps blabbering on and on to try to get him to talk, when most of the time it's just her talking and not giving him the oppertunity to talk.

Maricela: Both of them are warm, but she's one of the 'regulars' to her and will sometimes let a vent to her, but her vents normally go to Alfred. They have a lot of tension in their relationship, but for the most part, they get along and enjoy hanging out. She's normally warning her that she needs to hurry to class, but she'll dismiss that and keep talking.

Cerise: Cerise might be a little envious of Rosalia's outgoing personality, but they have a lot of fun together anyway. ((This is a reference of Hima's Headcanon of Sey wanting more visitors, and my headanon is Sicily is mainly focused on her tourism. Opposites, huh?)) They both have very, very, very curly hair and they often swap beauty secrets.

Yong Soo: As outgoing they both are, she is sometimes venting about him and he is venting about her. They just both are real chatterboxes and they tend to get sick of each other quickly. Technecally, they're nuetral, but I don't even know for how long.

Francis: She enjoys talking about the Arts with him. Though his open affection is one thing she agrees with and they definitely want to know what one is feeling a lot of the time. They don't interact often though, despite that.

Belle: They both relate to the curly hair problem, but do you know what happens when you put a diva as shiny as olive oil and a tomato masterbater in the same room? They both rant on and on for days, and they'll vent about anything. She is her vent buddy, and sometimes they'll even vent openly-about each other!

Sicily; Me
Elementary; lupang-hinirang
Hetalia; Himaruya
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twerkOmatic Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tomato masterbator?!~ XD I remember the first said that, a long while ago. You have no idea how much I laughed that day.

What do you think of it? All of it?
twerkOmatic Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think all of it really good but why is she 16 in this AU?
This takes place in school, no? 
31 is pretty old to be in school.
twerkOmatic Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But she's younger than Belle now.  She's 17.
I fixed the age. I made her 18.
twerkOmatic Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, that's better.
Sorry I didn't fahking coordinate with this :stare:
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